Life and Things.

May 11, 2011

Due to life and all the things involved, I have been a terrible blogger of late. Fortunately though, my absence has been fruitful, and I have plenty to post about. Such as a two week trip, during which I drank many many cups of hot chocolate...

Something particularly exciting (for me at least) is my new smart phone! You see, I have only ever owned about two very old and very second hand phones in my life, and have always been content with being able to call and text, and take terrible photos that I can't really do anything with. It seems unnecessary to own three ridiculously expensive devices that all play music, take photos, and act like computers, yet go and buy the next one that comes out simply because it's better. I would prefer to be appreciative of how amazing the technology is for at least a few years before it is replaced, realising that some places don't even have running water.

However, my brick of a phone was beginning to die and I finally decided it was about time to spend some of my earnings on one of those newfangled things that take pretty photos. And I will admit, after the first few hours worrying about the sickening hole in my bank account where money used to be, I started to get a bit excited...

So now I should share the reason for my recent blogless existence with some photographs of my two week trip to Tasmania:

(Read more to see pretty pictures)

  To reach Melbourne there was a lot of driving through the middle of nowhere.

There were some lovely places to stop on the way.

I love old buildings with ivy on the walls.

Melbourne was busy and exciting due to the comedy festival.

Then - after a very long and very boring ferry trip- we reached Tasmania.

Some rolling Tasmanian hills.

Some lovely forest.

A terrifying swinging bridge...

A pretty awesome caterpillar.

Hobart Port

Some real sugar cubes.

And then another long ferry trip home again.
So that's where I went for Easter, and I hope everyone else had a lovely time. I have plenty of sewing and thrifting related things to share but I will save those for my next post.

One last little fact though: Tomorrow is my 18th birthday!


  1. It looks like a great trip. I would love to visit Tasmania some day. Happy Birthday for tommorow.

  2. I love the way you think about things. Cutest post, makes me want to go to Tasmania!