Spontaneous DIY Pin Cushion!

Jul 22, 2013

My little sewing nook in the new house is finally coming together! With some free time the other day, I  whipped up a new pincushion for my desk. 
Now I can stop hunting for pins whenever I go to make something :)

Just in case any of my imaginary readers want their own little pincushion, here's how to make one!


  •  Fabric from your stash
  • Sewing machine 
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Wadding/stuffing, or, I used a pile of little scraps from past projects! 


From your fabric, cut one long strip and two circles.

Make sure that that the longest sides of your strip have the same measurement as the circumference of your circles, plus seam allowance. (If you hate math, just curl the strip around, short sides slightly overlapping, and trace the rough circle that forms!)

Press your pieces flat (like I should have!).

Stitch together short sides of your strip and press seam allowances apart.

Pin together strip and first circle as evenly as you can, with right sides facing.

Carefully stitch around edge of circle, removing pins as you go.

Pink or clip edges and press.

Repeat with second circle, leaving a large gap for turning right-side-out and stuffing.

Turn right-side-out and press.

Push stuffing or fabric scraps through the gap until your cushion is nice and plump.

With a needle and thread, slip-stitch the gap closed.

Stab it full of your favourite pins, and you're done!

Keeping My Feet Warm

Jul 19, 2013

On long Winter evenings, it is all too easy just to give up on productivity, and spend my time sitting in front of the fire watching movies with my housemates. Fortunately, I'm the sort of person who can't sit still for too long without doing something (procrastinating counts). And so, every Winter without fail, I take up the knitting addiction that I discarded in the Spring and start working on something impossibly boring like a scarf for a friend, or a beanie that will usually end up on my brother's head instead of mine.

This year, however, I finally found the motivation to try something that sounds impossibly boring, but is actually new and exciting:

My first ever pair of socks!

As my first attempt, they are certainly nothing special. I bought some cheap white acrylic yarn so I wouldn't be too sad if they turned out horrifying and, if you look closely enough, they don't entirely match... I do like this about them though; the slightly better quality of the second sock shows how quickly I improved once I understood what I was doing!

I used the Vanilla Latte pattern which is available for free from Ravelry. It's very well explained and easy to follow, and starting simple made it a lot easier to see fit issues and note little areas that could be improved.

In the past, I never attempted knitting socks specifically because I thought I'd get bored and never finish the pair. But now I understand why so many bloggers refer to knitted socks as "comfort food for the feet". In fact, I enjoyed this pair so much that I have already moved on to greater things...

Behold, my next and far superior pair! This time from a beautiful red silk/cashmere blend that I found in a Lincraft discount bin for $3 a ball. They already fit much better, with less pulling on the stitches and a longer cuff for wearing with boots :)

So, my lovely imaginary readers, how do you feel about knitting socks, or receiving knitted socks? Perhaps some cosy inspiration would help you decide...

source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest
source: tidytipsy.wordpress.com

Reminiscing Autumn

Jul 9, 2013

Tonight I am huddled by the fireplace in a woolen blanket, clutching at my knitting needles with icy-cold fingers and deciding that I'd rather eat tinned soup than brave the night air for a supermarket trip. I think it's finally time to accept that Autumn is well and truly over.

And yet, the beauty of neglecting my blog these last few months is that now, in the midst of a New England Winter, I can re-live my Autumn adventures. So, for the duration of this post, let's pretend that tomorrow it really will be sunny enough to wear pretty skirts and wander through leaf-littered parks, breathing in the smell of wood-fire smoke on the afternoon air.

After living in Armidale for almost one and a half years, I still haven't discovered all of the beautiful parks and gardens it has to offer. It might not be as exciting as the many nightclubs and designer boutiques available in larger cities, but when I find myself buried beneath a pile of readings and essays, a walk in the fresh air, some peace and quiet, and all this beautiful scenery is far more motivating than a crowded train ride or a busy street.

The following photos were taken on a little adventure to Gostwyck Chapel :)

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