A Possibly Perfect Refashion

Sep 6, 2013

Days are getting warmer, which means it's getting easier to photograph my recent projects! It would be easier still if my sewing ever followed any kind of seasonal pattern, but what can you do... At least there's no incentive to rush when you're working on something that will be unwearable for the next two months :P

Every so often - in any art form - there's something that works out just right, reminding you exactly why it is you indulge in this hobby when you could be in bed watching How I Met Your Mother instead.
For me, that something was this dress:

Ignore the awkward sour face - it really is comfy!

The original: 

This challenge was the result of my obsessive rayon addiction. Most fabric stores have a little rayon section, but its near impossible to find a nice plain colour, let alone a print. Most refashioners (is that the accepted term now?) seem to suggest going for larger sizes when thrifting. There's much more fabric to work with and a much greater chance of success. But, typical me, as soon as I realised that I had my hands on rayon, I was handing over my money and skipping down the street without a second thought. It wasn't until I got home that I noticed this dress is way too small! (I realise you can't see this in the photo, but it really was!).
Along with the publicly unwearable tightness, there were large holes in the side-seams, holes where buttons should be, and fraying patches in place of every buttonhole. 
But who doesn't love a bit of a challenge?

If you are interested in the up-sizing process, read on for details!

Spontaneous DIY Pin Cushion!

Jul 22, 2013

My little sewing nook in the new house is finally coming together! With some free time the other day, I  whipped up a new pincushion for my desk. 
Now I can stop hunting for pins whenever I go to make something :)

Just in case any of my imaginary readers want their own little pincushion, here's how to make one!


  •  Fabric from your stash
  • Sewing machine 
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Wadding/stuffing, or, I used a pile of little scraps from past projects! 


From your fabric, cut one long strip and two circles.

Make sure that that the longest sides of your strip have the same measurement as the circumference of your circles, plus seam allowance. (If you hate math, just curl the strip around, short sides slightly overlapping, and trace the rough circle that forms!)

Press your pieces flat (like I should have!).

Stitch together short sides of your strip and press seam allowances apart.

Pin together strip and first circle as evenly as you can, with right sides facing.

Carefully stitch around edge of circle, removing pins as you go.

Pink or clip edges and press.

Repeat with second circle, leaving a large gap for turning right-side-out and stuffing.

Turn right-side-out and press.

Push stuffing or fabric scraps through the gap until your cushion is nice and plump.

With a needle and thread, slip-stitch the gap closed.

Stab it full of your favourite pins, and you're done!