The Flair Awards and The Prom Dress

Jun 20, 2011

The Flair Awards are run annually where I live, and are a fairly prestigious event for the area. Most of the entries are from students studying fashion design in Sydney, along with a few well known designers who live around here, but a bunch of unknown people are often accepted.

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 Two years ago I came second in a local fashion show for recycled plastic dresses, and through this I was offered to be sponsored to sew a real dress for that year's Flair Awards.

My plastic corset dress = P

Unfortunately, the dress I entered was a bit of a monstrosity, and thus it did not make it onto the runway (and conveniently I never took any photos of it either).
So I gave up for another year, finished school, became a lot better at sewing, and decided to make my own dress for the formal/prom. As soon as I saw this amazing dress that I really really love by Terani, I had my inspiration.

You may or may not have seen my formal dress already on BurdaStyle, but I thought it should really be on my blog by now, and this is the perfect chance to share it.

Read more to see my dress!

The circle skirt is made from pale lavender chiffon. I tried so hard to find silk chiffon in a nice purple but in the end I had to make do with polyester. The crepe backed satin on the bodice was a convenient remnant from my stash. It was perfect for the job since it is so nice and sturdy.

Things I loved:
The lace flutter sleeves were a joy to make. Even the hand-picked invisible zipper in the back worked out in the end. And, all materials included, this dress cost less than $50!

Things I'd change:
If I made this dress again, I'd take a bit of the width out of the circle skirt, so that it hangs closer to the body.

As you can see I had a pretty cute date, with a matching lavender tie and all.

At the last minute I also made a little bag to go with it, out of remnants of satin and lace with chiffon for lining.

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  1. Ooooo very pretty! I love the top part with the lace :) the sleeves are super cute :) Great job on your dress!!!! Thanks for leaving such sweet comments on my blog!!! I love them :)