Collecting Adventures

Feb 15, 2013

Blue Mountains, NSW.

Lately I have been collecting adventures. It's a lot like collecting stamps or buttons, only perhaps a little more interesting to general society.

Not all adventures have to happen very far from home; neither do they all need to be exciting or even very pleasant. But each one is something that cannot be replicated; something out of the ordinary that you can look back on, in uninspiring times, as a reminder that you have been to beautiful places and seen beautiful things. Each snapshot, like each stamp, has a story that reminds you of a lesson you might have learned, a new idea or feeling you might have since forgotten.

My latest adventure was a visit to the Blue Mountains - the perfect place to find that important sense of perspective that we all occasionally lose.

Echo Point, Katoomba.

Three Sisters, Katoomba.

While exploring the Blue Mountains, I attended an inspiring etching demonstration at the house/gallery of one of my favourite artists - Norman Lindsay! Most commonly known these days as the author and illustrator of The Magic Pudding, but famous in the art world for his amazing and often controversial etchings and prints (click image for source).

'Little Mermaid'
'Under the Stars'

So, my wonderful imaginary readers, what inspired or changed you on your last adventure?

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