How many lives has your skirt lived?

Feb 2, 2013

Before it was abandoned to the depths of the "Refashion Someday..." box, this skirt lived two lives - adding a touch of awkwardly-lengthed, wrinkled frumpiness to both my mother's wardrobe and my own. After a year of isolation, I decided it was time to give this faded skirt one last chance to contribute to the world...

It didn't really work on a maxi skirt, but I knew there was potential in the black lace around the hem. On the other hand, the elasticated waistband was in such great condition that I couldn't just pick an end and discard the rest! After deliberating about removing the middle panel and joining the two end pieces, the obvious finally occurred to me... I made two!

I removed the lace panel, which had just enough fabric for a mini skirt. I used some shoelaces from my stash for a drawstring waistband. For skirts that sit on the hips, drawstrings are so much more comfortable anyway. It's still a bit too short for activities when standing, but with tights underneath I think it'll work!

The second skirt has already become my favourite item of clothing. It is sweet and simple enough to go with almost any top, and the length is perfect. I wish I had twenty! The combination below has actually become my new unofficial waitressing/barista uniform in crazy-hot weather (perfect with a little black apron around the waist!).

This refashion is definitely no revelation in creativity, but it really does show how a simple change can make something better in every way!
To make up for a long life of mediocrity, my sad skirt now has double the chances of providing joy and happiness. Who knows what adventures it will have next!

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  1. Gorgeous job! Thanks for sharing at The Weekly Creative.

    Shannon@ Sewing Barefoot